Terraform Pull Request Automation

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The Atlantis Workflow

Atlantis WorkflowAtlantis Workflow


Fewer Mistakes

Bring the benefits of code review to your operations workflow.

  • Catch errors in the Terraform plan output before it's applied.
  • Ensure that you apply changes before merging to main.

Put the Dev back into DevOps

Empower your developers to write Terraform. Safely.

  • Developers can submit Terraform pull requests without needing credentials.
  • Operators can require approvals prior to allowing an apply.

Instant Audit Logs And Compliance

Pass audits without compromising your workflow.

  • Each pull request now holds a detailed log of what infrastructure changes were made and when; along with who made the change and who approved it.
  • Atlantis can be configured to require approvals on every production change.

Proven at Scale

  • Used by one of the world's top companies to manage over 600 Terraform repos with 300 developers.
  • In production use since 2017.

How It Works

  • Atlantis is self-hosted. Your credentials don't leave your infrastructure.
  • Runs as a Golang binary or Docker image and can be deployed on VMs, Kubernetes, Fargate, etc.
  • Listens for webhooks from GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket/Azure DevOps.
  • Runs terraform commands remotely and comments back with their output.