Terraform Enterprise

Atlantis integrates seamlessly with Terraform Enterprise's new Free Remote State Management.

Migrating to TFE's Remote State

If you're using a different state backend, you first need to migrate your state to use Terraform Enterprise (TFE). Read Getting Started with the Terraform Enterprise Free Tier for more information on how to migrate.

Configuring Atlantis

Once you've migrated your state to TFE, and your code is using the TFE backend, you're ready to configure Atlantis.

Atlantis needs a TFE Token that it will use to access the TFE API. Using a Team Token is recommended, however you can also use a User Token.

Team Token

To generate a team token, click on Settings in the top bar, then Teams in the sidebar, then scroll down to Team API Token.

User Token

To generate a user token, click on your avatar, then User Settings, then Tokens in the sidebar.

Passing The Token To Atlantis

The token can be passed to Atlantis via the ATLANTIS_TFE_TOKEN environment variable.

You can also use the --tfe-token flag, however your token would then be easily viewable in the process list.

That's it! Atlantis should be able to perform Terraform operations using TFE's remote state backend now.


Under the hood, Atlantis is generating a ~/.terraformrc file. If you already had a ~/.terraformrc file where Atlantis is running, then you'll need to manually add the credentials block to that file:

credentials "app.terraform.io" {
  token = "xxxx"

instead of using the ATLANTIS_TFE_TOKEN environment variable, since Atlantis won't overwrite your .terraformrc file.