Git Host Access Credentials

This doc describes how to create credentials on your Git host (GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket) that Atlantis will use to make API calls.

Create an Atlantis user (optional)

We recommend creating a new user named @atlantis (or something close) or using a dedicated CI user.

This isn't required (you can use an existing user), however all the comments that Atlantis writes will come from that user so it might be confusing if its coming from a personal account.

Example Comment

An example comment coming from the @atlantisbot user

Generating an Access Token

Once you've created a new user (or decided to use an existing one), you need to generate an access token. Read on for the instructions for your Git host.

Create a GitHub Token

NOTE: The Atlantis user must have "Write permissions" (for repos in an organization) or be a "Collaborator" (for repos in a user account) to be able to set commit statuses: Atlantis status

Create a GitLab Token

Create a Bitbucket Cloud ( App Password

Create a Bitbucket Server (aka Stash) Personal Access Token

  • Click on your avatar in the top right and select Manage account
  • Click Personal access tokens in the sidebar
  • Click Create a token
  • Name the token atlantis
  • Give the token Read Project permissions and Write Pull request permissions
  • Click Create and record the access token

Next Steps

Once you've got your user and access token, you're ready to create a webhook secret. See Creating a Webhook Secret.