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Configuring Atlantis

There are three methods for configuring Atlantis:

  1. Passing flags to the atlantis server command
  2. Creating a server-side repo config file and using the --repo-config flag
  3. Placing an atlantis.yaml file at the root of your Terraform repositories


Flags to atlantis server are used to configure the global operation of Atlantis, for example setting credentials for your Git Host or configuring SSL certs.

See Server Configuration for more details.

Server-Side Repo Config

A Server-Side Repo Config file is used to control per-repo behaviour and what users can do in repo-level atlantis.yaml files.

See Server-Side Repo Config for more details.

Repo-Level atlantis.yaml Files

atlantis.yaml files placed at the root of your Terraform repos can be used to change the default Atlantis behaviour for each repo.

See Repo-Level atlantis.yaml Files for more details.