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Atlantis exposes a set of metrics for each of its operations including errors, successes, and latencies.


Currently Statsd and Prometheus is supported. See configuration below for details.


Metrics are configured through the Server Side Config.

Available Metrics

Assuming metrics are exposed from the endpoint /metrics from the metrics server side config e.g.

    endpoint: "/metrics"

To see all the metrics exposed from atlantis service, make a GET request to the /metrics endpoint.

curl localhost:4141/metrics
# HELP atlantis_cmd_autoplan_builder_execution_error atlantis_cmd_autoplan_builder_execution_error counter
# TYPE atlantis_cmd_autoplan_builder_execution_error counter
atlantis_cmd_autoplan_builder_execution_error 0
# HELP atlantis_cmd_autoplan_builder_execution_success atlantis_cmd_autoplan_builder_execution_success counter
# TYPE atlantis_cmd_autoplan_builder_execution_success counter
atlantis_cmd_autoplan_builder_execution_success 10
# HELP atlantis_cmd_autoplan_builder_execution_time atlantis_cmd_autoplan_builder_execution_time summary
# TYPE atlantis_cmd_autoplan_builder_execution_time summary
atlantis_cmd_autoplan_builder_execution_time{quantile="0.5"} NaN
atlantis_cmd_autoplan_builder_execution_time{quantile="0.75"} NaN
atlantis_cmd_autoplan_builder_execution_time{quantile="0.95"} NaN
atlantis_cmd_autoplan_builder_execution_time{quantile="0.99"} NaN
atlantis_cmd_autoplan_builder_execution_time{quantile="0.999"} NaN
atlantis_cmd_autoplan_builder_execution_time_sum 11.42403017
atlantis_cmd_autoplan_builder_execution_time_count 10


The output shown above is trimmed, since with every new version release this metric set will need to be updated accordingly as there may be a case if some metrics are added/modified/deprecated, so the output shown above just gives a brief idea of how these metrics look like and rest can be explored.

Important metrics to monitor are

Metric NameMetric TypePurpose
atlantis_cmd_autoplan_execution_errorcounternumber of times when autoplan has thrown error.
atlantis_cmd_comment_plan_execution_errorcounternumber of times when on commenting atlantis plan has thrown error.
atlantis_cmd_autoplan_execution_successcounternumber of times when autoplan has run successfully.
atlantis_cmd_comment_apply_execution_errorcounternumber of times when on commenting atlantis apply has thrown error.
atlantis_cmd_comment_apply_execution_successcounternumber of times when on commenting atlantis apply has run successfully.


There are plenty of additional metrics exposed by atlantis that are not described above.