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Atlantis can be configured to automatically merge a pull request after all plans have been successfully applied.


How To Enable

Automerging can be enabled either by:

  1. Passing the --automerge flag to atlantis server. This sets the parameter globally; however, explicit declaration in the repo config will be respected and take priority.

  2. Setting automerge: true in the repo's atlantis.yaml file:

    version: 3
    automerge: true
    - dir: .


    If a repo has an atlantis.yaml file, then each project in the repo needs to be configured under the projects key.

How to Disable

If automerge is enabled, you can disable it for a single atlantis apply command with the --auto-merge-disabled option.


All Plans Must Succeed

When automerge is enabled, all plans in a pull request must succeed before any plans can be applied.

For example, imagine this scenario:

  1. I open a pull request that makes changes to two Terraform projects, in dir1/ and dir2/.
  2. The plan for dir2/ fails because my Terraform syntax is wrong.

In this scenario, I can't run

atlantis apply -d dir1

Even though that plan succeeded, because all plans must succeed for any plans to be saved.

Once I fix the issue in dir2, I can push a new commit which will trigger an autoplan. Then I will be able to apply both plans.

All Plans must be applied

If multiple projects/dirs/workspaces are configured to be planned automatically, then they should all be applied before Atlantis automatically merges the PR.


The Atlantis VCS user must have the ability to merge pull requests.