Atlantis can be configured to automatically merge a pull request after all plans have been successfully applied.


How To Enable

Automerging can be enabled either by:

  1. Passing the --automerge flag to atlantis server. This will cause all pull requests to be automerged and any repo config will be ignored.
  2. Setting automerge: true in the repo's atlantis.yaml file:
    version: 3
    automerge: true
    - dir: .


    If a repo has an atlantis.yaml file, then each project in the repo needs to be configured under the projects key.

All Plans Must Succeed

When automerge is enabled, all plans in a pull request must succeed before any plans can be applied.

For example, imagine this scenario:

  1. I open a pull request that makes changes to two Terraform projects, in dir1/ and dir2/.
  2. The plan for dir2/ fails because my Terraform syntax is wrong.

In this scenario, I can't run

atlantis apply -d dir1

Even though that plan succeeded, because all plans must succeed for any plans to be saved.

Once I fix the issue in dir2, I can push a new commit which will trigger an autoplan. Then I will be able to apply both plans.


The Atlantis VCS user must have the ability to merge pull requests.