Repo Level atlantis.yaml Config

An atlantis.yaml file specified at the root of a Terraform repo allows you to instruct Atlantis on the structure of your repo and set custom workflows.

Do I need an atlantis.yaml file?

atlantis.yaml files are only required if you wish to customize some aspect of Atlantis. The default Atlantis config works for many users without changes.

Read through the use-cases to determine if you need it.

Enabling atlantis.yaml

By default, all repos are allowed to have an atlantis.yaml file, but some of the keys are restricted by default.

Restricted keys can be set in the server-side repos.yaml repo config file. You can enable atlantis.yaml to override restricted keys by setting the allowed_overrides key there. See the Server Side Repo Config for more details.


  • atlantis.yaml files must be placed at the root of the repo
  • The only supported name is atlantis.yaml. Not atlantis.yml or .atlantis.yaml.


Atlantis uses the atlantis.yaml version from the pull request, similar to other CI/CD systems. If you're allowing users to create custom workflows then this means anyone that can create a pull request to your repo can run arbitrary code on the Atlantis server.

By default, this is not allowed.


Once an atlantis.yaml file exists in a repo, Atlantis won't try to determine where to run plan automatically. Instead it will just follow the project configuration. This means that you'll need to define each project in your repo.

If you have many directories with Terraform configuration, each directory will need to be defined.

Example Using All Keys

version: 3
automerge: true
delete_source_branch_on_merge: true
- name: my-project-name
  dir: .
  workspace: default
  terraform_version: v0.11.0
  delete_source_branch_on_merge: true
    when_modified: ["*.tf", "../modules/**.tf"]
    enabled: true
  apply_requirements: [mergeable, approved]
  workflow: myworkflow
      - run: my-custom-command arg1 arg2
      - init
      - plan:
          extra_args: ["-lock", "false"]
      - run: my-custom-command arg1 arg2
      - run: echo hi
      - apply

Use Cases

Disabling Autoplanning

version: 3
- dir: project1
    enabled: false

This will stop Atlantis automatically running plan when project1/ is updated in a pull request.

Configuring Planning

Given the directory structure:

├── modules
│   └── module1
│       ├──
│       ├──
│       └── submodule
│           ├──
│           └──
└── project1

If you want Atlantis to plan project1/ whenever any .tf files under module1/ change or any .tf or .tfvars files under project1/ change you could use the following configuration:

version: 3
- dir: project1
    when_modified: ["../modules/**/*.tf", "*.tf*"]


  • when_modified uses the .dockerignore syntax
  • The paths are relative to the project's directory.
  • when_modified will be used by both automatic and manually run plans.
  • when_modified will continue to work for manually run plans even when autoplan is disabled.

Supporting Terraform Workspaces

version: 3
- dir: project1
  workspace: staging
- dir: project1
  workspace: production

With the above config, when Atlantis determines that the configuration for the project1 dir has changed, it will run plan for both the staging and production workspaces.

If you want to plan or apply for a specific workspace you can use

atlantis plan -w staging -d project1


atlantis apply -w staging -d project1

Using .tfvars files

See Custom Workflow Use Cases: Using .tfvars files

Adding extra arguments to Terraform commands

See Custom Workflow Use Cases: Adding extra arguments to Terraform commands

Custom init/plan/apply Commands

See Custom Workflow Use Cases: Custom init/plan/apply Commands


See Custom Workflow Use Cases: Terragrunt

Running custom commands

See Custom Workflow Use Cases: Running custom commands

Terraform Versions

If you'd like to use a different version of Terraform than what is in Atlantis' PATH or is set by the --default-tf-version flag, then set the terraform_version key:

version: 3
- dir: project1
  terraform_version: 0.10.0

Atlantis will automatically download and use this version.

Requiring Approvals For Production

In this example, we only want to require apply approvals for the production directory.

version: 3
- dir: staging
- dir: production
  apply_requirements: [approved]


apply_requirements is a restricted key so this repo will need to be configured to be allowed to set this key. See Server-Side Repo Config Use Cases.

Custom Backend Config

See Custom Workflow Use Cases: Custom Backend Config


Top-Level Keys

Key Type Default Required Description
version int none yes This key is required and must be set to 3
automerge bool false no Automatically merges pull request when all plans are applied
delete_source_branch_on_merge bool false no Automatically deletes the source branch on merge
projects array[Project] [] no Lists the projects in this repo
map[string: Workflow] {} no Custom workflows


name: myname
dir: mydir
workspace: myworkspace
terraform_version: 0.11.0
apply_requirements: ["approved"]
workflow: myworkflow
Key Type Default Required Description
name string none maybe Required if there is more than one project with the same dir and workspace. This project name can be used with the -p flag.
dir string none yes The directory of this project relative to the repo root. For example if the project was under ./project1 then use project1. Use . to indicate the repo root.
workspace string "default" no The Terraform workspace for this project. Atlantis will switch to this workplace when planning/applying and will create it if it doesn't exist.
autoplan Autoplan none no A custom autoplan configuration. If not specified, will use the autoplan config. See Autoplanning.
delete_source_branch_on_merge bool false no Automatically deletes the source branch on merge
terraform_version string none no A specific Terraform version to use when running commands for this project. Must be Semver compatible, ex. v0.11.0, 0.12.0-beta1.
array[string] none no Requirements that must be satisfied before atlantis apply can be run. Currently the only supported requirements are approved and mergeable. See Apply Requirements for more details.
string none no A custom workflow. If not specified, Atlantis will use its default workflow.


A project represents a Terraform state. Typically, there is one state per directory and workspace however it's possible to have multiple states in the same directory using terraform init -backend-config=custom-config.tfvars. Atlantis supports this but requires the name key to be specified. See Custom Backend Config for more details.


enabled: true
when_modified: ["*.tf", "terragrunt.hcl"]
Key Type Default Required Description
enabled boolean true no Whether autoplanning is enabled for this project.
when_modified array[string] ["**/*.tf*"] no Uses .dockerignore syntax. If any modified file in the pull request matches, this project will be planned. See Autoplanning. Paths are relative to the project's dir.