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  • If you'd like to try out running Atlantis yourself on an example repo check out the Test Drive.
  • If you'd like to run Atlantis on your repos then read Getting Started.

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Overview – What Is Atlantis?

Atlantis is an application for automating Terraform via pull requests. It is deployed as a standalone application into your infrastructure. No third-party has access to your credentials.

Atlantis listens for GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket webhooks about Terraform pull requests. It then runs terraform plan and comments with the output back on the pull request.

When you want to apply, comment atlantis apply on the pull request and Atlantis will run terraform apply and comment back with the output.


Check out the video below to see it in action:

Atlantis Walkthrough

Why would you run Atlantis?

Increased visibility

When everyone is executing Terraform on their own computers, it's hard to know the current state of your infrastructure:

  • Is what's in master deployed?
  • Did someone forget to create a pull request for that latest change?
  • What was the output from that last terraform apply?

With Atlantis, everything is visible on the pull request. You can view the history of everything that was done to your infrastructure.

Enable collaboration with everyone

You probably don't want to distribute Terraform credentials to everyone in your engineering organization, but now anyone can open up a Terraform pull request.

You can require approval before the pull request is applied so nothing happens accidentally.

Review Terraform pull requests better

You can't fully review a Terraform change without seeing the output of terraform plan. Now that output is added to the pull request automatically.

Standardize your workflows

Atlantis locks a directory/workspace until the pull request is merged or the lock is manually deleted. This ensures that changes are applied in the order expected.

The exact commands that Atlantis runs are configurable. You can run custom scripts to construct your ideal workflow.

Next Steps

  • If you'd like to try out Atlantis on a test repo, check out the Test Drive.
  • If you're ready to deploy it on your own repos, check out Getting Started.
  • If you're wondering if Atlantis supports how you run Terraform, read Requirements.