Using Slack hooks

It is possible to use Slack to send notifications to your Slack channel whenever an apply is being done.


Currently only apply events are supported.

For this you'll need to:

  • Create a Bot user in Slack
  • Configure Atlantis to send notifications to Slack.

Configuring Slack for Atlantis

  • Go to
  • Click the Create New App button
  • Select From scratch in the dialog that opens
  • Give it a name, e.g. atlantis-bot.
  • Select your Slack workspace
  • Click Create App
  • On the left go to oAuth & Permissions
  • Copy the Bot User OAuth Token and provide it to Atlantis by using --slack-token=xoxb-xxxxxxxxxxx or via the environment ATLANTIS_SLACK_TOKEN=xoxb-xxxxxxxxxxx.
  • Scroll down to scopes and add the following:
    • channels:read
    • chat:write
    • groups:read
    • incoming-webhook
    • mpim:read
  • Install the app onto your Slack workspace
  • Create a channel in your Slack workspace (e.g. my-channel), and add the app to it

Configuring Atlantis

After following the above steps it is time to configure Atlantis. Assuming you have already provided the slack-token (via parameter or environment variable) you can now instruct Atlantis to send apply events to Slack.

In your Atlantis configuration you can now add the following:

- event: apply
  workspace-regex: .*
  kind: slack
  channel: my-channel

If you are deploying Atlantis as a Helm chart, this can be implemented via the config parameter available for chart customizations:

## Use Server Side Config,
## ref:
config: |
     - event: apply
       workspace-regex: .*
       kind: slack
       channel: my-channel

The apply event information will be sent to the my-channel Slack channel.